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With over 30 years experience in machine design, automation, manufacturer's representation, and distribution we have developed a vast knowledge of products and solutions for industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace and oil & gas.  One common thread across all industries and job descriptions is that product knowledge, service, and support is vital to solving all customers problems.

It was obvious when machine design was the focus of our efforts, which salesmen were there to "sell" and which ones were there to "solve" our problems.  We are now taking those experiences into the representation and distribution side. We understand that not every application needs the same product, but we will make every effort to help our customers find the right model from the right brand that will solve the problems unique to your applications.  Partnering with companies that have industry leading performance specs and warranties helps ensure that your equipment will be as dependable and durable as possible.

For power quality issues, we have helped customers measure harmonics on over 400 VFD installations and develop site plans that address the harmonic levels for the entire field.  Depending on electric utility requirements, solutions may consist of reactors, filters, or both.  Over the last 8 years, many seminars and training classes have been offered and attended by both general industrial customers and oil & gas producers.  Many of the rural electrical coop managers have attended as well and this has helped to bring solutions together for the benefit of all parties.

We want to offer these services to all customers and prove that we can be depended on to provide the best and most cost effective solution to all of your power quality problems.

Call us today to begin solving those issues that are causing lost revenues from lost production and equipment downtime.

We are here to help!


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