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Selling products to customers is only part of the solution that is needed.  It is important to us to not just sell you a part, but to make sure it is the right part for the application and the environment.  With a background in machine design and automation, equipment installation and modification, we understand how industrial processes work and what it takes to ensure that our customers will recognize the maximum benefit from having Green Goat as a value added supplier.

Our service and dedication to customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to maintain long and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers.  If you have equipment down, you are losing revenue that may not be able to be replaced.  Our staff is ready to help by providing field service to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time.  We also will train your personnel so that you can respond faster and with more skilled action to any future problems that may arise.

When it comes to VFDs, harmonics can be a real problem for you, the power utility and your neighbors.  With 12 years experience in assisting both oil & gas and industrial customers with their harmonics problems, we have learned how to implement solutions that may simply require a line reactor or in other cases a passive harmonic filter.  For most oil & gas applications a 6-pulse drive and MTE Matrix AP Harmonic Filter will provide better mitigation than a 12-pulse, 18-pulse, or AFE drive.  While multi-pulse drives work well for matched load applications, turning the speed down, having drive to motor horsepower mis-match, or if the incoming voltage imbalance is greater than 3%, it is virtually impossible to maintain IEEE519 levels with any multi-pulse drive.

At Green Goat, we have the experience and field knowledge to help you identify the best solution and the most cost effective solution for your drive applications.

We sell the best and provide service better than the rest.  Let us help you with your power needs.

Harm read.jpg

Harmonic Readings

socomec programming.jpg

Socomec Meter Programming

ls prog.jpg

VFD Start-Up and Commissioning

We offer harmonic evaluation services utilizing a Fluke 435B Power Quality Analyzer.  Let us help you determine the harmonic levels at your site and provide a mitigation plan to bring you into compliance with IEEE 519 guidelines.

Whether you are using a single load A40 or multi-load Digiware system, we offer training for you to set up your meters, or we can provide the full programming service for you.  Either way, you will realize immediate benefits from utilizing the Socomec power metering systems.

Commissioning a drive is critical to proper function and process capability.  Field service support is available and for an LS drive will provide additional years of warranty due to certified commissioning. 

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